NC Lawmakers Cracking Down on DWI Offenders

NC Lawmakers Cracking Down on DWI Offenders car gf4291d1c6 1920 Attorney Addison

This year, North Carolina lawmakers are working to create harsher penalties for repeat DWI offenders.

House Bill 31

House Bill 31 affects all DWI offenders and would prevent anyone previously convicted of a DWI from driving with even an ounce of beer, wine, or vodka in his or her body ( Presently, an individual may have up to .04 percent blood alcohol concentration while driving.

House Bill 32

Current North Carolina law considers someone to be a “Habitual DWI” offender when he or she has three Driving While Impaired (DWI) offenses within a period of ten years. This past month, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a first reading of House Bill 32, which would reduce the numbers of DWIs to two within a ten-year period. 1 The bill, if passed, would become effective December of 2015 ( For a Habitual DWI offender, which presently is someone who has been convicted of three DWI infractions within ten years, an additional offense means a felony DWI charge and a mandatory one-year prison sentence that cannot be suspended. These habitual offenders could also face a vehicle seizure, and after license reinstatement, be forced to attend substance abuse counseling and have an ignition interlock installed on her or his vehicle (essentially, a car breathalyzer that prevents the car from starting if the driver has been drinking). 2 If this bill passes, a conviction for a second DWI offense would make you a felon. 3

DWI convictions could lead to significant penalties and should be taken seriously. If you would like to speak with an experienced DWI attorney about a recent charge, contact us today at our Mocksville or Salisbury location (

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