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Felonies Attorney

Sentencing for felonies is more extensive than for misdemeanors. Felonies are categorized in classes ranging from Class I—the least serious, carrying a maximum punishment of 15 months in prison—to Class A—the most serious, carrying a maximum sentence of death, or life without parole. The prior record level for felonies will range from a record Level 1 for a defendant with 0 points, to the most serious prior record level, Level 6, which is the level for defendants with 19 or more points. Under felony sentencing, the points for ascertaining the record level are determined by a set of rules where prior misdemeanor convictions carry one point each and prior felony convictions carry two points each for the least serious felonies and up to ten points each for the most serious.

How you will ultimately be sentenced, should you be found guilty or plead guilty, will depend on the class of the offense you are charged with and your prior record level. If you plan to asserting innocence, the likely outcome will be a jury trial in which your guilt or innocence is determined by a group of twelve of your peers. Due to the complexities involved in a felony case, the risk of incarceration, and the potential for other collateral consequences, you should not undertake these matters without the assistance of capable counsel. Call the Law Offices of Ryan B. Addison to schedule a consult.