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All drivers are required to have in their possession a valid driver’s license while operating a motor vehicle on the streets of North Carolina. You are required to produce your license when you encounter a police officer on a traffic ticket stop.

Punishments for a No Operator’s License charge can range from a class 3 misdemeanor for those that have never obtained a license down to only an infraction for expired licenses. See NCGS 20-35. Receiving a conviction for these traffic offenses can also negatively impact your insurance for three years as well.

If you have received a ticket for No Operator’s license, you or your attorney will need to appear in court as it is generally a misdemeanor offense. If you are able to obtain or otherwise reinstate your license, the ticket against you will be dismissed. If you have been charged with a No Operator’s License charge or, more seriously, a Driving While License Revoked (DWLR), it is important to understand all of your options in court.

Contact a Salisbury or Mocksville traffic ticket defense lawyer for compassionate, aggressive and AFFORDABLE legal representation if you have been charged with a license violation.