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Small Claims

There are some disputes (Landlord/Tenant and Complaints for Money Owed Less than $10,000) that our laws reserve for a hearing in Small Claims Court before a Magistrate. These hearings are less formal than those in our other courts, but the implications can often be just as important. Because Small Claims Court works as “The People’s Court,” it is designed so that you can handle it without an attorney. Still, if you feel unsure or you want to have a distinct advantage, give Ryan, a former magistrate, a call.

Civil Litigation

There are many disputes that, for any number of reasons, do not start in Small Claims Court or end up being appealed from Small Claims Court. In these cases, the issues are often more complex and extensive due in part to the need for discovery. Discovery is the process where parties share all information related to the lawsuit. This includes records of questions and answers under oath (interrogatories), motions and petitions, depositions of potential witnesses, and many other documents related to ensuring that both parties have as much knowledge as possible when going to trial. Instead of handling this complex process on your own, call the Law Offices of Ryan B. Addison for help.

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