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Separation Agreements Attorney

These documents are frequently used to set out the respective rights and responsibilities of each spouse prior to the entry of a divorce. Experience demonstrates that pursuing this process is often less expensive and less combative than litigation when there are negotiations (give and take) that result in a completed separation agreement; clients save time, money and stress. The separation agreement is a contract that can cover anything and everything the parties agree to as long as it is not illegal. If the parties are unable to agree on some or all of the issues involved, they still have the option of going to court to resolve the remaining matters.

Like any contract, the separation agreement requires a meeting of the minds. You cannot be made, against your wishes, to enter into such an agreement. In fact, there are times when you should not enter into such an agreement; these include situations of domestic violence, substance abuse, or lack of full disclosure and fair dealing. By seeking an empathetic and experienced attorney, you are choosing to take control of your situation and you can be confident knowing that you have a competent guide to help you satisfy all legal formalities and ensure fair, reasonable negotiations. The Law Offices of Ryan B. Addison are ready, willing, and able to help. Call now for help.